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On September 4, 2016 a family suffered the loss of their son in a terrible traffic accident.  It is any parents’ worst nightmare to lose their child.  One would expect media outlets to report about the life of the young man and the truthful and specific details of the accident, but instead of receiving sympathy and empathy for the loss […]

Father and son pinning on flower for dance

The Brand Of One More Entrepreneur

These thoughts were created as I sit and contemplate what do I want to bring into existence with One More Entrepreneur.  What purpose do I want to serve?  What do I want the Brand to represent in the world?  Also, how do I see the brand name of One More Entrepreneur unfolding in the years to come.  I have been […]

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  THE ONE LESSON YOU MUST LEARN IF YOU WANT TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE.   This is the simplest lesson in life, and I must admit I was never taught this in home or school.  Why does society neglect teaching the true life skills in the so-called educational system that is so-called designed to prepare you for life.  Share this […]

picture of a baby hand reaching for a pencil


 The picture above is very misleading.  It appears to be the suit and tie figure at the company that represents the boss. Is this the guy the one who pays your salary, pays your mortgage, pays for your family’s health care, etc. How is your relationship with him.  Your relationship with him will determine your success or your failure.  It […]

I’m Focused Man 8

As mentioned in the title of this webpage. We provide tools to the entrepreneur to help navigate the road to success. I guess for a week or so I have had writers block trying to decide how to approach such a vast subject.  SUCCESS, what steps are necessary to begin your journey down the road to become successful.  That’s why […]

How To Focus on Success


Its christmas morning, you come down the stairs.  Your excited, in anticipation of opening the presents for you under the tree.  All your presents are placed in front of you and you begin to open them.  You open several of them , but leave a few of them unopened.  You go back upstairs not to return.  Imagine how your loved […]

Light bulb going off in mans head