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I am what they define as a Serial entrepreneur. Definition: As opposed to a typical entrepreneur, who will often come up with an idea, start the company, and then see it through and play an important role in the day to day functioning of the new company, a serial entrepreneur will often come up with the idea and get things started, but then give responsibility to someone else and move on to a new idea and a new venture.

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0 thoughts on “FAMILY UNDER SIEGE

    • Renda hall

      Its so sad to hear about your loss. I too lossed a. C. Child so i feel you ob that.i pray that god give your. Family the strengh thts needed to seek justice for your son because black lives really do matter.

  • Yasman Mur-Ray

    I am praying for justice for your talented son, David Telp Jr. No one should have to bear the pain that your family is enduring. The Mayor should give your family an open and written apology. I am so sorry.

  • Jenn Senft

    RIP David, your brother loved you so much and misses you. Man i wished you were here so you could have seen him play wiffle ball today and yes i said wiffle ball! I know u were looking down on him shaking your head and asking him what are you doing??

  • Davon Telp

    It’s important that people know the complete truth about the unfair treatment of David Jr. Explained so methodically by the Blogger. So please get this great message out. #JusticeForDavidJr.

  • Jen W.

    David Jr. will always hold a special place in my heart. As his teacher for four years, I saw him grow into a young man with great potential. I am sad that I will never see him years from now and hear a success story that I fully expected to hear one day. My heart breaks for his family since no one deserves a loss or treatment like this. You continue to be in my prayers.

  • Mina

    This is truly heart wrenching . I was very lucky to have David pass through my life I saw him almost everyday for four years. David brightened my days most of the time with his wonderful smile some days we would talk about life and it’s twists and turns, football(which I know very little about) he would laugh and just couldn’t believe I didn’t get it.David had a sparkle about him. He loved his mother and father and family we would talk about them too. I will hold my memories close and continue to pray for peace so family and friends can grieve the loss of a special young man.

  • Mommy

    My husband and I joined a club that we never could have thought to be a member of, but it was forced on us. We love our children and people who knows us knows that our world was devastated when we lost our David, and it just breaks my heart that this world has come to these disgusting tactics to sell newspapers/or to report a story. #JusticeForDavidJr

  • Daniel Anderson

    Words can not express the anger n frustration, not only with the loss of my family member, but with the loss of all the young men n women in senseless deaths.

  • Angel Anderson

    One thing for sure, we can always count on the media to portray our Black Americans in such a bad way. The truth will surely find its way out. I pray it will. RIP little cousin.

  • shirley Brown

    Y’all should be a shame of y’all self.keep in mind what y’all say and done to my great nephew you will pay found you.because God always has the last all the devil children will go to he’ll and believe it will happen.

  • Shirlette

    Well said, they would only understand if it was one of their sons. Karma is strong, so I say this to the mayor, you just might reap what you soul. We will get justice for David, because there is a God above. This will not go away until we get justice. My heart is with you Nicky & David. No weapon formed against you shall prosper.

  • Bryan Jones

    Words spoken so truly from a grieving parent whom i have had the privilege of learning a great deal from and i respect as a African American male.It’s this type of leadership that i am proud to have witness and be a part of.May God bless the Telp Family.