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I’m Focused Man


As mentioned in the title of this webpage. We provide tools to the entrepreneur to help navigate the road to success. I guess for a week or so I have had writers block trying to decide how to approach such a vast subject.  SUCCESS, what steps are necessary to begin your journey down the road to become successful.  That’s why I’m proud to say now I’m Focused Man. I realized the only way to approach this subject is from what put me on this path. That is step number one. You have to decide on a definite purpose. You have to decide what it is you want and aim for it with laser vision. One thing is for sure, if you aim at nothing you will be sure to hit it.  

Did you ever wonder why there aren’t more successful people in the world.  It’s because the average person in the world never decided what they wanted. They just go about excepting what ever comes their way, they never made the decision to go after a goal. There is a recipe for Success but if you never decide to be Successful, you’ll never bother to look up the recipe.

Do you remember as a kid when you first discovered the principles of the magnifying glass.  Two things amazed me about this device.  The first was that this small device would focus the rays of the sun and intensify them until they would heat up the surface that they were focused on.  The second was that this device was used to examine small or finely detail things.  It allowed me to focus and magnify my vision as a kid. Using these principles discussed in this article, I have began to focus and magnify my thoughts on Success.  I just decided what I wanted,focused in on it, and made it a burning desire and it began to come true.  Any dominating idea, plan or purpose held in the mind through repetition of thought and emotionalized with a burning desire for its realization is taken over by the subconscious section of the mind and acted upon by what ever natural and logical means that may be available. If you want the mind to pick up an idea and to form a habit so that the mind will automatically act on that idea you’ve got to tell the mind what you want over and over again.  You have to form a habit, you have to become success conscious.

The subconscious mind  doesn’t know the difference between right or wrong.  It doesn’t know the difference between positive and negative.  It doesn’t know the difference between a penny or a million dollars.  It doesn’t know the difference between  Success and Failure.  It will accept any statement that you keep repeating to it by thoughts or by words or by any other means.  It’s up to you to decide on your major purpose and keep repeating it until your subconscious picks up on it and acts on it.  Not only do you have to plant these positive thoughts in your mind, you have to nurture them with faith and actions. You have to hold these thoughts in your mind in the past tense , as if you have already received them.  Remember that a thought is the ancestor of an action. When you think of it in these terms you can see why you have been getting the results you have been getting.  If you fail to take control of your thoughts / mind, you have nobody to blame for your results but you.

The mind is like a fertile field, it will grow any thing that is planted in it.  You can grow fruits of Success or you can grow weeds.  If you plant seeds of success you will begin to see that the nutrients that those seeds need to grow will soon be attracted to those seeds and they will grow.  In all seeds they hold the attributes of that particular seed.  A tomato seed will only unfold into a tomato, it will never blossom into an apple.  If you plant that seed in the ground, it will begin to draw the nutrients from the earth that only a tomato seed needs to grow.  It’s the same with your thoughts and acts if you plant seeds of success the will only attract from the universe what nutrients are needed for them to grow.  Caution yourself though, three more of the nutrients that are needed for these seeds to grow are faith, determination and persistence.  You have to remember you have been contaminating the soil of your mind for all these years with negative thoughts.  Thoughts of poverty lack, instead of thoughts of wealth and abundance.  Those negative thoughts  will need to be replenished with the dominating ideas, plans and purposes that you will be holding in your mind through repetition of thought and  emotionalized with a burning desire for their realization.  

With every harvest there is two seasons.  A time to sow and a time to reap.  The farmer doesn’t plant his crops today and then go out into the field to harvest it tomorrow.  He sows his seeds today and nurtures them for a season and reaps them only after they have had time to grow.  You know that famous quote,”You reap what you Sow”.  Choose carefully the seeds you plant.

There are only five known things in the universe and out of those five, every known thing in the universe is shaped.  They are time, space, energy and matter.  And without the fifth thing nothing in the universe could have ever existed, and that is Universal Intelligence (God,Nature,Infinite intelligence or what ever word you choose to call it).  It reflects itself in every blade of grass, everything that grows out of the ground.  Every electron and proton and matter.  It reflects itself in space and everything in the universe.  The person who is most successful is the one who finds  ways and means to funnel  most of this intelligence through their  brain and put it to work, into action.  The first step to using Universal intelligence is to take control of your own mind and choose carefully the seeds that you plant.

A brief lesson: Molecules consist of atoms which are little particles of matter revolving continuously at the speed of lightning, exactly the same principle that the earth revolves around the sun.  Atoms are made up of electrons the smallest particles of physical matter.  Thus in a grain of sand or a drop of water the entire principle upon which the universe operates is the same.  The only difference is the number of electrons and the arrangement of the molecules that make the physical appearance differ.  The plate your food is on is in fact made out of the same molecules, atoms and electrons that your food and you are made out of.  

Take it one step farther all matter is in a constant state of vibration or motion.  It is believed that at 32,000 to 38,000 vibrations per second sound is produced that the human ear picks up.  At 1,500,000 vibrations per second heat is produced.  At 3,000,000 vibrations per second violent light is produced. At higher scales up, just how high is unknown.  It is beleived the vibration creates the power which MAN THINKS.  This was mentioned just to give you some idea as to the extent that how everything in the universe is tied together and connected. 

The thoughts from this blog were conceived from a great book I have in my collection by Napolean Hill.  It would be a great blessing to you to read this book and add it to your collection.  This subject on definite purpose could go on and on.  I have led you to the well, now it’s up to you to take a drink.  Follow the blueprint and receive the blessing.


Napoleon Hill Collecton: Start down your path to Success with these books listed below:  

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