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How To Conquer “FEAR”

Quote from Joseph C. Campbell

How To Conquer  “Fear”

HOW TO CONQUER FEAR will be the key to your success.  Don’t let fear stop you from doing the things that you are passionate about.  The only way to move forward in life and accomplish your dreams is to understand your fears and conquer them.  So many times I have to check myself and remember that if I am comfortable and all is at ease then something isn’t right.  I am always at my best and achieve my highest goals when I am in a state of discomfort.  If you know someone who has achieved a great accomplishment you can bet that the road was uncomfortable.  Ask any athlete in training if their workout routine is comfortable.  Ask anyone who has been successful at any goal if the personal sacrifice they went through was comfortable. Wikipedia says Will Power may refer to Personal character, Self-control, training and control of oneself and one’s conduct, usually for personal improvement.  I believe that the measure of your Personal Will Power determines the level of the discomfort that you will endure to reach a goal.  In order to overcome your fears, you will need to magnify this Will Power and push through to the next level of success.   

We, humans, are creatures of habit, we desire comfort.  Our goal is to be comfortable and we sat back in our comfort zone and will not get out of it.  You should seek to be uncomfortable.  Your number one goal should be to stay uncomfortable.  If you want to grow at anything it requires you to push past comfortable.  When you work out at the gym your goal should be to go up in your weight and repetitions. If I am doing 10-reps for 3 sets and it becomes easy then I need to go up in weight or up in reps.  I need to push past my comfort zone to gain strength.  You know the saying,”No Pain No Gain”. 

So when you go out of the bodies normal comfort zone the brain attempts to bring things back to normal. For example when you are trying to achieve a goal and run into the first instance of failure doubt sets in and you began to listen to that inner voice that it can’t be done. You need to recognize that this doubt is a normal part of the process because you are doing something outside of your normal comfort level. The brain, which is the command center for your body detects that it has to reboot your operating system(your body) and make adjustments to the central nervous system.  It may need to adjust adrenalin, re-route blood supplies etc.  Not wanting to get into medical documentation on the subject lets just say that when your emotional and physical state changes, your brain has to go to work to adjust your organs and regulate your body functions.  This is called discomfort, expressed as doubt, anxiety, and fear. 

Our comfort zone is defined by our thoughts.  We have been programmed by our environment, other people, news media, culture etc.  Since birth, we have been taking all this information in and have developed perceptions of reality that have formed habits.  A habit is an acquired behavior pattern followed until it has become almost involuntary.  A great book to read to get a  better understanding about habits is by Charles Duhigg “The Power Of HABIT”


These thoughts are what causes us to experience what we call feelings and we can either choose the ones that make us feel comfortable or uncomfortable.  We choose to take the easy road being the creatures of habit that we are. We choose the thoughts that are in harmony with comfort.  Instead of choosing to push forward to achieve our goal we step back into our comfort zone where we feel safe.

Now that we have discussed the basics the process works like this.  Our thoughts control the vibration that our body is in. These vibrations we call feelings.  When someone tells you I feel this way or I feel that way, they are describing the vibration their body is in. Pain is defined as physical suffering or discomfort.  In this cycle of habit, we have the cue, which is doubt.  Then we have the trigger which is the pain.  Then we have the reward, which is the comfort.  This is the cycle that stops you from pushing forward to achieve your goals.  

These thoughts that define the habits that regulate your behavior control your life.  This cycle will never change if you don’t keep feeding yourself with the right information.  Change your thoughts and you can change your world.  If you don’t change your thoughts you will continue to get the same results for the rest of your life.     

Conquer your fears and Success awaits.  As Joseph C. Cambell says, “THE CAVE YOU FEAR TO ENTER HOLDS THE TREASURE YOU SEEK”.  Keep feeding your mind with the right materials and these treasures will be yours also.  join me as I travel down the road to Success.   



Material to help you escape the habit cycle you may be in. 




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