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Success Principles VS Content Marketing

Scales weighing the impact of success principles vs content marketing

Success Principles VS Content Marketing

Success Principles VS Content Marketing is the question of the day.  When you write about Success Principles will you get the same following from your readers as you would get if you wrote about Content Marketing?  You know the same old headlines and titles that get spit out of content generators. Examples: How to set-up a blog in 10 minutes, How I made $10,000 in 30 days, 10 things that successful people do every morning, 15 Success habits of an entrepreneur, etc. Do the masses understand the Principles of Success and Providing Service to earn money?  I’m sure that they do because I see evidence of it in the manuscripts of their writings and in some of their behaviors.  But could that just be a behavior or habit that was planted in them by their training? As you know, a habit is a behavior that has been repeated over and over to the point where it becomes performed unconsciously or automatic.  Has marketing become a content robot with instructions to push out Automatic Content until it reaches overload status?

Can Success Principles Be Marketed Successfully

Can Success Principles be Marketed Successfully as a form of Content?  My answer is yes because we need to keep these principles at the front of our conscious to keep forming success habits.  That is why One More Entrepreneur will continue to market the Success principles to our community.  Are people caught up in the race to make money by analytics and Marketing and forgot about the key ingredient of Success, which is SERVICE?  Money isn’t made, it is earned by providing a service to fulfill a need.  The Service that you look to provide to people is bringing them from a state of having a problem to the state of having a resolution. The more service you provide the more money you can earn.  A great book to better help you understand money is Rich Dad Poor Dad’s ” conspiracy Of The Rich 8 New Rules Of Money“.  If you are in the race to make money then it is clear that you need to go back to the basics.  If you concentrate on providing a service and not the money then it will come as a just compensation for your service. Content marketing has its place, but be sure to market good content that keeps the Success Principles in mind.  

Back To The Basics Of The Success Principles

In these days have we forgotten about the basics? Have we forgotten what put us on this path from the beginning? The question remains, what is meant by going back to the basics?  To me, that means going back to the beginning, back to where it all began. Back to the teachings that started it all, back to the pioneers that started it all.  In the beginning, there was a darkness, then came the Success Principles and the Personal Development Industry.  Men had no idea that there was a formula for success and a recipe that could be followed to attain it. There was an unconsciousness, a darkness you could say. Then Men like Andrew Carnegie, Napolean Hill, and, Earl Nightingale brought the Success Principals and the Personal Development Industry for all to see.  

Literally, they left footprints clearly cut in the sand for all to follow the path to Success. Then in their image and after their likeness came men like Bob Proctor and Zig Ziggler etc. who in my opinion furthered the success philosophy. The brand of One More Entrepreneur will always be consistent with these principles and universal laws.  We intend to follow the footsteps of these men and create a Community of Entrepreneurs dedicated to helping each other navigate the road to success. We believe that any person can be successful regardless of education or their present station in life.  If you doubt this just study the lives of the successful people who have left their footprints clearly cut in the sand for all to follow.  

We hold this truth to be self-evident, that WE BECOME WHAT WE THINK ABOUT. In adhering to this principle we at One More Entrepreneur vow to stay consistent in our mission to help entrepreneurs navigate the road to success.  By continually feeding the minds of our followers and this community with up to date Tools and Resources. We intend to continue to educate ourselves and others as we take this journey on the road to Success.  We invite you to join us in the creation of this Universal platform for Entrepreneurs around the World.  Join Now, as we go back to the beginning and make footprints of our own.  The footprints of the Community of One More Entrepreneur.

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