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 picture of a baby hand reaching for a pencil



This is the simplest lesson in life, and I must admit I was never taught this in home or school.  Why does society neglect teaching the true life skills in the so-called educational system that is so-called designed to prepare you for life.  Share this lesson with your kids and loved ones.  If they take heed it will change their lives forever.

In our minds we have what is called a self servomechanism or you could call it a success mechanism.  The definition of self servomechanism is a process that behaves  as a self-regulatory device.  A control system in which feedback is used to correct errors in another system. Examples: the mechanism that controls the size of the pupil of the eye as the intensity of the light changes. The thermostat that corrects your heating system when the temperature changes.  The auto pilot control in airplanes which keeps them from going off course.  A mechanism that corrects errors and put them back on course through the use of negative feed back.   

We have a success mechanism built inside of us that will steer us toward success if we just let it.  As an adult when I reach for a pencil to pick it up I can do it successfully with no effort.  As a baby when we tried to perform this same task for the first time, our hand zigged zagged back and forth many times until we learned to perform this task with success.  Our success mechanism kicked in and through a serious of corrections guided our hand to its goal successfully.  Our eyes provided the negative feed back to our brain telling it that we had not accomplished our goal.  We had many failures until we learned this task.  As a child we forgot the failures, we put them behind us and just remember the successes.  This is the same way you can learn to pick up success and happiness.  By forgetting your pass failures and drawing from your successes.

When you want to achieve a goal you call on your past experiences.  You can either call on your past successes or you can call on your past failures.  If you call on your past failures you will fail even before you start.  Simply because you can’t think positively with negative feelings no more than you can think negatively with positive feelings.  Success is a serious of zig zags, failures and accomplishments.  Life is about getting above your failures, leaving them behind and moving on with your successes.  In order to be successful you can’t step on your own toes by holding on to your past failures.  You have to build up in your memory your positive experiences.  The more positive experiences you have the higher your self-image will be.  You can never grow bigger than your self image.

So remember just as a baby, zig zag until your self servomechanism (success mechanism) kicks in and directs you to success.  Keep reaching for your goals putting the failures behind you and remember the corrective actions your self servomechanism will make as it guides you to success.  Then forget the failures and make the successes a habit.

To be continued with part two:  Self Image

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